S1 Roller Skate Team Video - Jaquan Owen - Bomba Hache - Silvia Kambouridis

During the Winter Quad Cup this past October we were able to wrangle some of the S1 Roller Skate Squad together to have a fun skate session at Manzanita Skatepark. We hung out with Jaquan Owen, Bomba Hache and Silvia Kambouridis and asked them about their roller skate stories and what they love about Roller Skating. After some laughs and some super smooth lines in the park we put this little piece together. Enjoy!

Jaquan Rocks - The S1 Mega Lifer - Purple Matte

Silvia Rocks - The S1 Lifer Helmet - Black Matte w/ Checkers and S1 Park Knee Pads

Bomba Rocks - The S1 Lifer Helmet - Black & White Tie Dye and S1 Pro Knee Pads