Roller Derby Diaries: Season 2 “Lady Trample – Champs Retrospective” Episode

The Victorian Roller Derby League was founded in 2017 and then became the first Australian WFTDA league in 2011.

VRDL became a serious contender for the Hydra in 2015 where they narrowly missed a trip to the championship game losing a tight game to Gotham City and then again in 2016 where they lost another very close game to the eventual champions Rose City finishing 3rd in both of those tournaments.

With those two close misses the two previous seasons VRDL was more driven than ever to get to the Championship game and win the Hydra in 2017, and that is exactly what they did. They defeated the back to back champions Rose City in a convincing final game and became the first international team to win a WFTDA Championship.

Shortly after the 2017 Championships we spoke with Lady Trample who was honored with the WFTDA Champs MVP award and whose rise to prominence in the 2017 season was of one the contributing factors to help get VRDL over the top.

We talked to Lady Trample about her 2016 and 2017 seasons and how her role changed with the team, how her skill sets had developed in that time and how VRDL has been able to be so successful over the past few years culminating in that 2017 WFTDA Championship.

Roller Derby Diaries: Season 2 Arch Rival Episode

In this episode of Roller Derby Diaries, we interviewed Bricktator, Bolt Action and Shear-RA-Powers from the Arch Rival Roller Derby All Star Team. We interviewed them at the 2017 WFTDA Championship in Philadelphia and wanted to get a little glimpse into their back stories and the culture that has made Arch Rival Roller Derby so successful over the years.

Roller Derby Diaries: Season 2 Scald Eagle Champs Retrospective Episode

In this episode, we interview Scald Eagle shortly after Rose City won their second WFTDA Championship. We asked Scald a series of questions regarding the three championship games she played in against Gotham in Nashville, Saint Paul and Portland. Scald gives us her unique account of those games from her perspective.

 Roller Derby Diaries: Season 2 - CIB Episode

In this episode of Roller Derby Diaries we sit down with CIB Founder Lady Trample and discuss the origins of the movement, starting your own chapter, what happens at CIB events and producing specialized equipment to make your bowl skating more enjoyable. We love Trample and we support her to the fullest.

Roller Derby Diaries: Season 2 - Zoë Bell Episode

In this episode of Roller Derby Diaries we showcase the meeting between two Kiwis, Zoë Bell and Lady Trample. These two linked up on social media and Lady Trample agreed to teach Zoë how to skate transition. Zoë is an actress, a stunt woman and was in the movie “Whip It” among others. It's amazing how many stories we have heard of people who found Roller Derby through the movie “Whip It” and in fact in this episode Lady Trample admits that the movie “Whip It” was the catalyst for getting her into Roller Derby! 

Roller Derby Diaries: Season 2 Miracle Whips Episode

In this episode of Roller Derby Diaries, we interview Miracle Whips after she and the New Skids on the Block had just played their first ever WFTDA Championship game in Portland, Oregon in 2016. Whips and some of her teammates talk about her rise as a prominent jammer and Montreal Roller Derby’s quest to finally punch their ticket to Champs.